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An exclusive partnership An exclusive partnership Valerian, the movie Valerian, the movie

BNP Paribas has teamed up with Luc Besson to make the biggest European film ever produced: “Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets”, slated for release in July 2017.

BNP Paribas has agreed to invest an amount of 10 million Euros in the film which gives it the status of key partner for two years. It is the first time in the history of this Bank that it is investing its own funds in an avant-garde film production created to leave cinema buffs spellbound across the globe. BNP Paribas has plans to offer cinema enthusiasts in Europe exclusive and completely new experiences at every stage of the making of the movie until its release.

Valerian - partnership - BNP Paribas - Luc Besson - Director

Why this partnership?

An international project that fits right in with our commitment to Cinema

BNP Paribas and cinema: a history of more than twenty years.

• major European bank for financing films, especially in France, Italy and Belgium
• an involvement at all the levels of the value chain of cinema

Cinema: one of the domains that is of great interest for the brand.

“BNP Paribas has nurtured a special partnership with European cinema for more than twenty years. We are tremendously excited about Valerian as it is a bold venture and its story takes us on a trip to the future. This delightful project fits right in with our desire to support creators and entrepreneurs to fulfil their grand international ambitions”, explains Jean-Laurent Bonnafé, Chief executive officer of BNP Paribas.


Help creators to fulfil their grand ambitions, support the world of tomorrow, innovate, make boldness a trademark and most importantly support French ambition internationally.

This commitment is particularly important during a period when the film industry is being revolutionised. We know that French cinema, more than ever, needs support from its allies at a time when it is undergoing radical changes. These changes are strikingly similar to the ones faced by an economy in general. They basically throw up three challenges: new technologies, new practices, new players and international competition.

Valerian is a concentrate of pure innovation in its creation as well as the technologies it has used. The association is but natural with our signature “The bank for a changing world”.


"Valerian is my life’s
biggest project."

BNP Paribas makes for quite a reliable and trustworthy partner and was thus my natural choice.
They understand the challenges of cinema and they have fearlessly backed me in this ambitious project.
I want to share my world with the widest possible audience. We are coming up with numerous interaction options for movie buffs, especially via social networks

Luc Besson


One aim: give our associates, clients and prospects the opportunity to enter the world of Valerian. Innovative and completely new experiences, exclusive elements, emotionally-charged moments.

A few examples :

  • From January, close to 500 people in Europe (associates, clients, prospects, etc.) will be able to watch the filming of the movie in the studios of the Cité du Cinéma and even get to peek behind the scenes during its editing.
  • A party will be organised on the set of the movie.
  • Numerous previews will be organised for all our audiences
  • Specific commercial offers
  • A digital platform with exclusive content...

Luc Besson himself tweeted the news of the making of this new science-fiction film. The film “Valerian, the City of a Thousand Planets” is based on Volume 6 - Ambassador of the Shadows

Valerian and Laureline written by Pierre Christin and illustrated by Jean-Claude Mézières is a cult comic book of the late 60’s. This film marks Luc Besson’s return to space opera, twenty years after ‘The Fifth Element’, and confirms his penchant for the genre of science-fiction. The world of the Fifth Element already drew inspiration from the Valerian albums. It is interesting to know that a script was ready in 2009 when James Cameron’s Avatar was released. After Besson watched this film, he felt unsatisfied with his own work and decided to start from scratch.


The year is 2740.

Valerian and Laureline are two agents that travel through time and space. They speed through time and space in their spaceship “The Intruder” to accomplish the various missions assigned to them by the central power.

This new adventure takes them to "Alpha”, an orbital station that hosts 17 million individuals from the four corners of the universe. Here, nearly 8,000 different species share their knowledge and experiences, technologies and powers.

Pretty much the worst place to conduct an investigation...

Valerian - Dane DeHaan - lead actor // Valerian - Cara Delevingne - lead actor // Valerian - Rihanna - actress // Valerian - Clive Owen - actor // Valerian - Ethan Hawke - actor

Key elements

Shooting started in January 2016, slated for worldwide release in July 2017

A never-seen- before budgetfor a French/European production: 170M€

The biggest film in European history

An innovative approach in film-making

Actors that are popular among the young generation with a strong following on social networks: : Cara Delevingne 3 M followers on Twitter, Dane DeHaan (Valérian) 166 K followers, Rihanna 52M followers



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BNP Paribas

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La Cité du Cinéma

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The Good Life / Usbek & Rica

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